Are my goods protected whilst is Transit?
In short – Yes – We want you to have complete peace of mind when moving with us. We have arranged an Insurance Policy via the Removal & Storage Industry Specialist Brokers, Basil Fry & Co. Limited, which protects your goods whilst in transit and storage. In the unlikely event of damage to your goods, you can be confident that they will be repaired or replaced as appropriate in line with our terms and conditions and any claim will be handled professionally and promptly via their in-house team of adjusters, Removal Claims Service. The policy we have chosen is underwritten by AXA Corporate Solutions and by declaring a value to us, and agreeing to our Terms & Conditions prior to the removal, your goods will be covered by our Insurance policy. Public Liability We have also arranged Public Liability insurance through Basil Fry, with Aviva, which provides a limit of Indemnity of £2,000,000 so you can also be confident that if we damage your property in any way the damage will be repaired. Our Brokers If you would like any further information with regards to our Insurance arrangements please contact Basil Fry & Co. Ltd. directly on 01372 385985 or visit their website on . They will be happy to talk to you directly once we have given them the authority to do so.
When do I need to pay for my move?
We take 50% balance on reserving your date and 50% the day prior to your move.
What happens if my move is postponed or cancelled?
Our terms state that any deposit paid is refunded if you cancel 14 days prior to your move.
What happens is something is damaged during my move?
Accidents sometimes happen, we will always try and rectify the situation before leaving your property however this is not always the case. We need photographic evidence of breakages or damage along with receipts where possible or insurance valuations. We then send this off to our insurance provider who will make a decision on your case.

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