The Truck!


Panda Waddup

This is the so far un-reliable Ford transit we are taking to Thesoloniki.

The situation so far with the truck (which I feel needs a name!).

excuse the vagueness of my time frames, it seems like a lot of time has passed sicne our original departure date.

Around 2 weeks ago, the engine for the truck arrived back at New Road Garage Llandovery ready to be put in, run in then taken to Thesoliniki, but as is often the case things just weren’t that simple.

We then discovered the first major fault, an injector pump which is not only a costly addition but a timely one.

Back and forth to Shorts Auto Electrical to Swansea twice and another problem had arisen.

The rocker cover was now leaking oil, this had since been repaired (we hope) and we are picking the van up later today, Wednesday.