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WE PACK – We’re not just dab-hands at quick transportation; the team at Go Panda Removals  have the technical know-how to pack all sorts of items securely. After all, we do this every day. The best and simplest way to guarantee the safety of all your belongings is by making use of our professional packing service.

From fragile antiques and crockery to delicate or polished furniture, anything you want to take particular care of can be packed by our team using high quality, specifically-designed cartons. We can even pack your items to ‘export standard’, providing an extra level of protection that suits overseas shipping methods.

YOU PACK – If you’d rather pack everything yourself, we can supply everything you need in terms of packing materials when you need it, including boxes, paper, bubble-wrap, adhesive tape and anything else. Arranged this service by calling or emailing us. There is even a sale-or-return policy on what you order, so you don’t need to worry about over-ordering because we’ll take back any excess.

Please read our packing guide below if you are packing items yourself.

Packing for a move

Packing for a move


The kitchen is often the most time consuming part of any pack prior to removal, this is because it contains many items which must be individually wrapped for transit..


  • Label all boxes
  • Use mainly small boxes to avoid overloading
  • Use paper to wrap plates and glasses.
  • Line boxes with bubble wrap


There are different ways to pack a bedroom, we recommend using your own suitcases and boxes as well as hanging cartons for hanging garments.


  • Fold clothes into boxes
  • Pack cosmetics carefully
  • Use hanging cartons
  • Empty all furniture

Living room

The living room often contains expensive electrical equipment. Bubble wrap helps negate risk but TV’s can present a larger problem.


  • Wrap all large artwork
  • Box everything you can
  • Bubble wrap all electronics
  • Original boxes save time and wrapping

Dinning room

Dining rooms can often hide untold woe when packing, dinner sets, occasional glassware amongst other thing can lurk hidden away. Make sure you take this into consideration when packing.


  • Use paper to wrap plates and glasses.
  • Line boxes with bubble wrap
  • Use mainly small boxes to avoid overloading
  • Label all boxes


Garden & Garage

It can be difficult moving garden items in bad weather, we often run a dedicated vehicle to avoid moisture affecting your household goods.


  • We still need things packed as best as possible.
  • We cannot take open paint tins and fuel
  • Tidy up your garage before moving
  • Dismantle any large garden furniture ready


Recycled crates

Environmentally friendly, cheap and secure – Our crates are  superior product.