Moving house can be complicated and it’s easy to forget things!


Panda Waddup

Don’t forget the little jobs when moving property….
8 top tips from Go Panda removals Cardiff.
Pack the kettle and biscuits last and make sure it’s first off. 
Britain was built on tea and removals companies agree. A cup of tea and a biscuit is always important for everybody, keeps moral high and keeps the men lifting heavy items….Trust me this is a good thing to do.
Tapping boxes….
It’s just as important to tape the bottom as the top. We all like to get as much as we can out of everything in life and a cardboard box is no different. We will squeeze and extra item into the box so just make sure to give the bottom an extra strip of tape.
Meter reading
We all know how expensive electric and gas is so why would you give it away. As your saying the emotional goodbyes to the garden, walls and carpets don’t forget to say bye to the meter boxes and take a final reading as you leave.
Melt the ice….
Defrosting the freezer is a commonly over looked and is important to do this the evening before. It’s important because the last thing the removal team need is a wet floor and the last thing you’d want is a water damaged item… get eating those fish fingers
At Go Panda moves Cardiff we love animals, well apart from spiders. So make sure you prepare the cat or dog for a busy day.
Cleaning equipment
Keep them to one side and as the rooms get emptied run the hoover round and get rid of the cobwebs the some how appear from nowhere.
Essential Bags
The day could be long, especially when in a chain we could be waiting for keys and solicitors to solicit. So have a bag of essentials prepared with snacks, wipes and maybe spear socks (because you never know)
Things have a funny way of creeping up on you. Time flys when your having fun as they say. So make sure you are organised, pick a removal company as soon as you agree a sale, be clear with dates, make a check list, get packing the things you don’t use as often and when the professionals turn up to relocate you… should run as smooth as a baby’s bottom.