Luxembourg, Blink and you will miss it.


Panda Waddup

Finally got to sleep at around 3 this morning after having a few jupilers  and leffe in our Ibis Hotel.

I have to say the hotel Ibis Charleroi was fantastic, checked in at 2am, still served us some top quality beer and cooked a top notch Pizza. The room was great, waking up at 8am after 5 hours kip not so.

We were however revitilised by a superb breakfast, Scrambled egg, Bacon, Beans and toast along with all the regular Euro business of boiled egg, cold meats, croissants etc. The unlimited Freshly squeezed orange juice was great but we both overindulged leaving us with a sick acid feeling whilst we rammed as much ham and cheese as possible into bread and then napkins for our lunch. I understand this can be a point of contention but All you can eat means all you can eat there is no mention of timescale.

The next few hours have been pretty uneventful, we have now crossed over into Luxembourg. Fuel is cheap as here! Around 1 Euro a litre, fags and tobacco are disgustingly cheap. Roads are ok and very quiet even passing the capital Luxembourg City.

And now Germany, were making good time and aiming to get to Ravenna by this evening to sample the local hospitality.

So far the van has stood up well to everything. Fingers crossed it continues. We are actually making up time which should be impossible. GO TEAM.

Keep up with the comments on our posts etc, things are starting to get a little tedious now would be great to hear from you.

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