Moving internationally and International Removals Service

Go Panda operate across the globe. Our team offers a personalised service that includes everything. We wrap, pack and ship. Without a doubt, we got you covered. It doesn’t matter if it’s by air or by sea, from the UK to anywhere. Furthermore, our removal services are door to door. Whether it’s Europe or worldwide. We make your move easy. GoPanda international moves range from exporting boxes to Europe to moving mansions to China. We cover everything through our worldwide network. It doesn’t matter if it’s via air, sea or road.

Similarly, our international removal coordinator has you covered. We will advise and discuss all the options and procedures available. Your removal abroad will be easier than you could have ever imagined. There’s help at every step of the way. We will cover you with visa help, customs or prohibited goods. Sleep easy knowing that Go Panda international has your back. Our team will manage the whole experience from start to finish.

Included in your price for shipping worldwide:

  • Shipment tracking
  • Customs clearance
  • Delivery to residence
  • Full unwrap / unpack and removal of debris on day of delivery
  • Room by room placement


International Removals by Sea Freight

Our team makes international moves stress free. We also use the best methods every step of the way. To begin, a Full Container Load or (FCL) is the best service if you are moving abroad. For one thing, we can move the whole contents of your home or office. Go Panda International arranges container shipments to be delivered and loaded at your premises. Keep in mind, this is subject to site access. Firstly, this method ensures that the container carries only your goods. Secondly, we seal the container at your residence. Finally, we arrange a booking. Soon, your belongings are onto the next suitable transport to its destination.

Pre-booking in advance is also possible. We have many trusted overseas partners. Our partners will arrange to meet your container and carry out any necessary customs procedures. Our Overseas Move Coordinator will advise and discuss all the options and procedures. Below we’ll provide some examples of what our containers provide.

Container sizes available:

  • 6 metre (20 foot) Length 5.96m (19’4″). Width 2.34m (7’8″) Height 2.40m (7’10″)
  • 12 metre (40 foot) Length 12.03m (39’6″). Width 2.34m (7’8″) Height 2.40m (7’10″)

International Container Removals

In the scenario where you don’t need to fill an entire container, there are other options. Less Container Load, or ( LCL ) is the best method if your volume of furniture is too large for airfreight or too small for a full container load.  Likewise, we will deliver the container quickly. Even if it’s to an unusual location. We will export-wrap your personal effects. We will also fully itemize and pack everything at your home. Following, we will deliver these items to our warehouse. On our premises, they are cased before delivery to the required port. Your goods are then in a shared container with other consignments. Undoubtedly, they will arrive to the same destination. This method is less expensive than the full container. However, it still can be quite costly. The cost is due to the crating of goods and transit time.

Every Option Available for International Removals

Another option we offer is a Groupage Container Load. This is by far the least expensive method. With this option, your items are export-wrapped and loaded into the container with other customers. To repeat, these items are going to the same destination. There is no crating involved. There are only household items on board.  Here, the cost is dramatically reduced. That is to say, we pass the savings onto you. Take into account that this method requires longer transit times. This method is best suited to non-urgent items. Nonetheless, if you can wait a little longer, this method is for you.

International Removals by Airfreight

Our customers choose Airfreight when they need their belongings fast. Airfreight is the best method for those small, fragile pieces required quickly.  Of course, the transit time is much shorter than with a shipping container. Many families elect to take “survival” shipments of their personal belongings. In either case, we itemize and case your belongings. This ensures maximum protection during transit. The cost is per kilo when using airfreight. Therefore, always compare the cost of sea freight versus airfreight. Airfreight is usually more expensive but it can sometimes be less costly. Certainly, airfreight is much more convenient. Similar transit options are available with air carriers as well. These options include direct, consolidated and trans-shipment.

We also provide hand made crates.

GoPanda provide a custom-crating service for extra security. We use this service to ship over long distances. Here, we build the shipments to the exact volume of goods for transport. We use both our custom crates for groupage containers and airfreight. Here, our customers have peace of mind with their shipments.

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