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International Event logistics with Go Panda

International Event logistics with Go Panda Go Panda Removals
Our latest International Removal.

Madrid was a doddle, Barcelona required more endurance.

Go Panda Removals recently completed international from the UK to Madrid and removals from Barcelona to London.

The outbound international removal was a move from London to Madrid the capital of Spain. The move itself was carried out on behalf of Swans Removals in London. The move had been expertly export wrapped upon our arrival and was loaded with ease, thanks to Swan Removals who really made this easy for 

From London we drove direct to Madrid overnighting once in Bordeaux, as well as its  famous wine-growing region it’s known for its spectacular Gothic Cathédrale Saint-André, 18th- to 19th-century mansions and notable art museums. In the past when we have completed removals from the UK to Bordeaux we have always had to use an external access lift due to the difficulty fitting modern furniture into ancient houses.

On arrival in Madrid parking was less than brilliant and there was a buzz around the city, what we soon realised was Spain’s opening World cup game was about to happen! We unloaded the van in record time to enable us to watch the Portugal vs Spain spectacular.

And what a game it was with it finally ending 3 – 3 with Spain having led twice only for Ronaldo to be the fly in the ointment on both occasions. All in all it was a fair result for two teams playing at the top of their game, the locals seemed pleased and we headed on toward our next mission in Barcelona.


Onwards To Barcelona!

On arriving in Barcelona we spent 2 hours looking for parking, turns out parking a 6 metre van in Barcelona in the middle of Sonar festival is not that easy. Finally, we parked the van up to head to La monumental to size up what we had to take back to the UK…

So pole dancing robots, nothing can prepare you for actually seeing robots pole dance, its mesmeric freaky and impressive. The movements are so human like fully clothed any without CCTV cameras for heads it would be easy to mistake.

3 days of listening to music in La monumental and kicking around Barcelona followed until it was time to make the long trip back with the girls amongst other bits of kit. After a brief stop we made it in 30 hours.

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