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Environmentally friendly removal company


Plant Trees

At Go Panda we plant trees to offset the carbon generated throughout the moving process. We do this in conjunction with out partner trees for Life.


Recycled plastic crates

We offer recycled plastic moving crates. Our recycled crates offer perfect protection for your goods and will be used over 1000 times before their recycling.


Reduced use of tape

We use specialist removal elastic to keep drawers shut and dress furniture, this reduces the amount of adhesive tape required.

Not all moving companies are the same.

There are many ways to reduce the waste produced and carbon emitted from your home move.

Go Panda is aiming to reduce the impact our removal company has on the world around us without compromising on service.

We have introduced a range of measures to keep your carbon footprint and waste down.

Our goal is to plant a tree for every customer we move. Once grown, one tree can capture 0.16 tons of carbon, every year.

This means as well as your move you can offset the carbon associated with driving a car 3000 miles.

Trees for life

Go Panda are committed to offsetting the carbon we produce. We aim to plant a tree for every customer however you can opt out should you choose.

Our customers average moving distance is 12 miles our standard vans  generate 0.006601 tons of CO2 over this distance.

One tree can offset  0.16 tons of carbon, every year, this means as well as your move you can offset 3000 miles of driving a car.

Your tree will do this year after year.

Go Panda has teamed up with Trees For life to aid in their mission to rewild a large part of the Scottish highlands. You can visit our contribution at the Go Panda Grove

Recycled plastic crates

Plastic is public enemy number one right now through a lot of industry.

We have reduced our annual disposable plastic consumption by 65%  since 2016, our aim is to keep bringing this figure down through innovative thinking and reuse.

We now offer recycled removal crates.

Crates have a lot of advantages over  cardboard including:

Durability and protection

Cost to customer

Speed and efficiency

No need for tape

The use of elastic in removals

Packing tape and pallet wrap have long been the worst offenders for waste generated whilst moving house.

We have reduced the use of tape and pallet wrap by dressing furniture using industrial rubber bands.

Removal bands as we call them are used hundreds of times in their life and eradicate the need to use tape in a number of situations.

We us the bands to keep your drawers and doors shut during carrying and transit, to dress furniture without the need for wrap and to bundle items together where other removal companies would use tape.


Go Panda Removal Company

Go Panda is an award-winning removals and storage company . We pride ourselves on offering a premier service that we believe is unrivalled by other removal companies. We specialise in house removals, flat removals, commercial removals , office removals and storage. We also offer a full packing service.


The Best Move you can make

Whether you’re moving a large flat, a family home or a business with thousands of staff, our operations manager will plan every detail. On the day, our specialist team of trained removal porters accompanied by a team leader will carefully pack, move and deliver every single item as planned.



Whether you require furniture removals, small removals or a full removals service we can provide moving help to fit your needs. We take care of everything right down to arranging parking permits so you don’t need to worry. If you need packing materials we deliver them in advance along with everything else you might require. We always go the extra mile to make sure that your move day goes as smoothly as possible.

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