Comparing removal companies

Finding the right removal company for your needs can be a time consuming and stressful process.

To get through this hectic process, we have put together this handy guide to streamline the process.

Hiring a reputable home removal company can make a huge difference in your moving experience.

But how do you choose from the all the moving companies in your area?


Here are two ways of doing it:

The more complicated Method:

  • Read reviews on removal companies, always corroborate reviews over a few places, , Google and Removal reviews are good places to start.
  • Once you have found companies that feel like a good fit with your needs, invite them to quote, they might do this over the phone or in person depending on the on the size of your move.
  • On receiving your quotes look for hidden extras, and weigh up which removal company offers best value for money, often the cheapest removal company will not be the best solution for you.

Simple Method:

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Comparing removal companies can be a long and arduous task, if you have better things to do with your time choose the best – GO PANDA !


Value of services

When you prepare your move, it is a good idea to compare a number of quotes. It is wise not only to compare prices but also to the various services included in the prices. Additional removal services may be:
– Full packaging service
– Special handling (such as fragile or antique items)
– storage options
– tracking and tracing

Some tips for your move

Begin planning early. Moving is not something you often do. Proper preparation and planning can ensure that the business is smooth and that your move is as stress free as possible. Try to plan early to avoid unexpected issues.

Consider packaging

Name your boxes for easy identification and sorting on the other side. Highlight items that are fragile to make sure they are treated with care. Check flammable and dangerous goods, as some items can not be transported by movers.