Redirect your mail!


Panda Waddup


If you don’t know who is moving into the property you are leaving, use the Royal Mail’s Postal Redirection service to ensure that any bills or other mail you’ve not changed your address on still reaches you.

Redirecting your post can be easily forgotten but can save you a lot of hassle and stops the new owner of your house a huge pile of mail they don’t want!


You can get post redirected for three, six or 12 months, and longer if you’re still getting volumes of post through after your initial period is up. It costs from £31.99 (for three months) per surname, so couples may need to pay twice.

Remember that if mail isn’t redirected, you need to call the sender and either update your address or ask to be taken off its mailing list.

It’s important to do this – any bills you don’t get and therefore don’t pay can damage your credit record, or result in you being traced by a debt collection company. Stray letters can also increase the risk of ID fraud