10 Essential Packing tips


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10 Essential Packing tips

  1. Start  early. Packing a hour can be difficult to estimate if your inexperienced.  If you are Packing two boxes a day you can expect to pack a large house in 2 months.  For smaller homes, one month should be just fine. Of course, this is not an exact number, but you get the idea. A good estimate is 10 boxes per room and 10 extra.
  2. Start with rooms you least need. Try and pack what you rarely use. Seasonal items you don’t expect to use for a while such as garden tools, coats and Christmas lights are perfect examples. Stacking boxes can disturb your household, its good to stack them out of the way.
  3. Pack one room at a time. This is a very handy tip which often goes unheeded. Doing this will help keep you stay organised and will later tell the movers, or anyone unloading, which box goes where.
  4. Declutter. Hold a boot sale or give your old unwanted items to charity. Ebay can also be useful, so your options are numerous. You can also ask friends whether they need anything you’re planning to sell. After all they way be more willing to help with your move!
  5. Do not exceed the limit of 15 Kilos for a box. You might hurt yourself or one of the boxes might break under the weight. Pack lighter items in larger boxes and heavy items is smaller boxes. This packing tip alone cam save you a great deal of pain… literally.
  6. Fill empty gaps. Use packing paper, newspaper, or just old rags to fill gaps in the boxes. This should secure the items for your move.
  7. Label your boxes. Write the contents of each box somewhere clearly visible with a marker. Write on the sides of the boxes and not on top, as this will make it easier to recognise them if they’re are stacked.Different colour markers for different rooms help. Children often like to help with this task. If you have breakables on the top of your box label it with D.N.S meaning DO NOT STACK
  8. Heavier boxes are stacked first. Although common sense its good to know before you start to avoid re-stacking. By putting your heavy boxes underneath the lighter boxes, you ensure no delicate items will get crushed during the move.
  9. Dispose of hazardous materials. We are unable to carry oil, fuel, open paint or explosives. Always plan to get rid of these in advance to avoid stress on moveday.
  10. Pack a bag of essentials. Phone chargers, snacks, medication are all often forgotten and can cause distress, especially on moveday =]


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